Angel Capital
EXPO Europe

  • Prague – Czech Republic

Exclusive venue:
The highest congress centre in the Czech Republic

About EXPO

The Angel Capital EXPO Europe is the premier gathering of the angel capital community. The EXPO brings together angel investors and entrepreneurs looking for funding.

Angel Capital EXPO Europe is organized by Keiretsu Forum CEE, part of the largest global angel investment network, and was created to foster collaboration among angel groups and startups, as well as reach out to the larger investment community.

The event features 20 presenters from early stage companies. Companies selected are from a variety of different industries ranging from technology, life sciences, consumer products, real estate, financial services, social ventures and other segments with high growth potential.

This is the 3rd year of European EXPO, for the first time the event takes place in Prague.

Keiretsu Forum CEE

Angel Capital
EXPO Europe

  • Prague – Czech Republic


  • Kick off (8:00)
    • Registration
    • Coffee
  • Inauguration

    Michael Londesborough

    Judith Iglehart - Welcome, introductory remarks, overview of the day

    Petr Lemoch – Keiretsu Forum CEE welcome speech

  • Block I.

    Travelling, Cars, Sports, Entertainment

    Five companies presenting their investment proposals
    (6 min. presentation + 4 min. moderate Q&A)

  • BHS

    Engine Classic Cars Automobile Fund Zdeněk Lepka
  • Coffee break & Networking

  • Block II.

    Gastro, Health, Agriculture

    Five companies presenting their investment proposals
    (6 min. presentation + 4 min. moderate Q&A)

  • Panel discussion

    From Startup to the Stars

  • Lunch & Networking
    + surprise

  • Microsoft

    Microsoft BizSpark

    Milan Hrabovský
  • Block III.

    3D printing, Security, Artificial intelligence

    Five companies presenting their investment proposals
    (6 min. presentation + 4 min. moderate Q&A)

  • K4 Academy

    JŠK Law

    Roman Kramařík
  • Coffee break & Networking

  • CzechInvest

    Czech Starter

    Markéta Havlová

  • Block IV.

    IT, Education, Planning

    Five companies presenting their investment proposals
    (6 min. presentation + 4 min. moderate Q&A)

  • Guest Speaker + Final Surprise


    Jiří Beneš

  • Final Remarks

    Closing by Judith Iglehart & Petr Lemoch


  • The end of EXPO

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Keiretsu Forum CEE

Angel Capital
EXPO Europe

  • Prague – Czech Republic
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About Keiretsu

Keiretsu Forum is a global investment community of accredited private equity angel investors, venture capitalists and corporate/institutional investors.

With 46 chapters on 3 continents we are a worldwide network of capital, resources and deal flow which enables global interconnection of projects and its expansion into selected markets. Keiretsu Forum members invest in high-quality, diverse investment opportunities.

Our community is strengthened through its involvement in social and charitable activities.

Keiretsu Forum CEE



  • Petr Dolínek
    Deputy Mayor of the capital city of Prague Transport and European funds


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Keiretsu Forum CEE

  • Malá Štupartská 634/7
  • 110 00 Prague 1
  • Czech Republic

Press & media


Erbia Congress Centre

  • City Tower, 27. patro
  • Hvězdova 1716/2b
  • 140 00 Prague 4

The highest congress centre in the Czech Republic.


How to get to the EXPO

Public transportation:

  • Metro: Pankrác - Metro C
  • BUS: Pankrác 121, 188, 193


Parking is possible in Arkády Pankrác shopping mall – Hvězdova 1689/2a, 140 00 Praha

Taxi Liftago

We are a proud partner of the Czech company Liftago.
To recieve a 200 CZK credit just download or open taxi application Liftago (iOS | Android) > Insert a credit card and promocode ANGELEXPO > enjoy the ride.

Zdeněk Lepka

Board Chairman and CEO of BH Securities Inc. (BHS).

Zdenek Lepka was born in 1973 and graduated in finance and banking at higher business school.

He has been working at BHS since its establishment (1993), He worked his way from back office through a broker up to the member of the Board. Since 2002 he is Executive Officer and Chairman of BHS. Zdenek is also president of the Ferrari Owner's Club in the Czech Republic, which operates since 2009.

BHS Engine Classic Cars Automobile Fund

Engine Classic Cars Automobile Fund was founded in 2015 by BH Securities pls. and Engine Prague Ltd. to invest entrusted resources into selected iconic and world-famous collectible cars, motorcycles and automobilia especially from the second half of the twentieth century. It thus offers investors a unique opportunity to participate in a very interesting option to locate the assets in the medium and long term.


The main activity of BH Securities Inc. is mainly a trade with securities for their own or foreign account in Czech republic and abroad, management of individual portfolios and trading on credit.

It offers a wide range of capital market products, from the most conservative to highly-specialized stores with various investment instruments. BH Securities Inc. is a creator of the market which, besides, allows customers to participate on executing of the transactions directly without any intermediary.

On top of outright purchase or sale of securities, BH securities Inc. offers a wide range of other investment products and services. One of the them is a product of asset management - BHS Asset Management, which is destined for private and corporate clients. This product has the advantage of comprehensive service in the area of ​​personal finance in several standardized strategies. The company focuses on complexity (integrity) of provided services and places great emphasis on an individual approach to every customer.

Needs and expectations of customers are consulted so that combination and composition of assets achieve the best possible investment return. High quality and discreet services satisfying the most demanding customers is a matter of course.

For more information about BH Securities Inc. please visit

BIC Brno

BIC Brno is a business and innovation center, which operates in the Czech Republic for over 20 years. Its operations and activities in the field of "technology transfer" create a connecting bridge between research institutions and industry companies and promote the transfer of innovation into practice. During its existence, we started in 10 realized incubators more than 100 innovative companies and realized cooperation with more than 500 others., We also study systematically the whole process of transfer of R & D results into practice, so we try to increase the competitiveness of Czech companies and research institutes.

Our goal is to encourage entrepreneurs in the creation of innovative projects by active advising, assistance, education or providing vital information. We participate in solving the problems of companies, we are searching for cooperation partners and ensure their further development by participating in projects funded by international, national and private sources.

K9 Expedition

K9 Expedition is a pilot project of emerging endowment fund which is under the auspices of Keiretsu Forum in Prague. As the world´s largest network of angel investors represented on three continents has Keiretsu Forum the potential to structurally develop socio-economic sphere.

Endowment fund K9 is an expedition intended for young personalities who have diverse walks of life. The aim of the expedition team is to connect the potential of education and delete limits - to change direction. The other goal is to motivate selected students to maximize their educational potential.

Endowment fund Expedition K9 is a journey and connects investment and philanthropy. It is a coincidence from that the idea was born...

Tereza Majerova

Marketing project coordinator

Tereza supervise and process marketing activities of the foundation and communicates with investors. She participates in the creation of new projects in the organization and creates and organize foundation events for investors.

International Chapters

Judith Iglehart

President, International Chapters

Judith graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, and holds an Ed.D from Mills College. As President of the International Division she is responsible for international business development and marketing for Keiretsu Forum.

In 1989 she was one of 100 women selected to participate in Leadership America, a national leadership development program for women of achievement. During her career at the University of California she worked as a Special Assistant for two Chancellors at Berkeley and four UC Presidents. She served as UC’s Chief Research Development Officer, and Deputy Senior Vice President for Business and Finance, Chief of Staff to the California Senate Majority Floor Leader, as President/CEO of BARTA/TechVentures, a ten county program to identify and assist early stage companies, UC Berkeley’s Director of State and Federal Government Relations, and as the Associate Director of the California Policy Seminar.

From 2006-2012 she served as a State Senate Appointee to the California Governor’s Small Business Board. She has served on the Boards of Leadership California (Chair), the Alameda County Science and Technology Council (Chair), the Alta Bates/Summit Hospital Advisory Board, New American Media, the Alameda/Contra Costa Economic Development Alliance for Business (EDAB), the Alameda Center for Emerging Technologies (ACET), the Center for Manufacturing Excellence (MANEX), the Alameda County Grand Jury, the Oakland Ballet, and other organizations.

Her doctorate explored technology transfer issues at the University of California between 1984-2004. Judi lectures on Keiretsu Forum and the entrepreneurial ecosystem worldwide. She lives in Oakland, CA and has two grown children.

Microsoft – BizSpark

Milan Hrabovský

Milan Hrabovský is the head of Czech Microsoft Developement Division. Milan is responsible for the development of applications for businesses and end users on the Microsoft platform, the increasing use of Microsoft development tools and communication to an audience of technical (developers, IT professionals, students, start-ups and others).

Milan Hrabovský is at Microsoft since 2000, when he joined as an IT manager for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. From 2002 he was responsible for cooperation with partners and gradually built and led a new team. Since 2006 he worked as Sales Director for OEM responsible for sales preinstalled software, and support for manufacturers of computers and servers in the Czech Republic.

He graduated from the Czech Technical University in Prague and earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Rotchester Institute of Technology.


A law firm JŠK (previously Johnson Štastný Kramařík), since its founding in 2004, is the epitome of professionalism, expertise and ethical integrity. JŠK continues to seek to better what large global law firms can offer and to add a personal approach when working with its clients. JŠK team does not distinguish between major and minor tasks, but offers clear answers in both complex and seemingly routine matters with emphasis on the clarity and practicality of its work to ensure that JŠK´s clients always understand.

JŠK helps its clients to realize their business plans by advising them across all areas of commercial law. Through a unique network of law firms, PONTES: the CEE lawyers, JŠK provide services not only in the Czech Republic but also in other countries in Central and Eastern Europe. With experienced team, international network, know-how and comprehension of commercial law, JŠK can find an appropriate solution for everyone.

Roman Kramařík

Roman Kramařík graduated from Charles University Law School in 1997. In 2000, he completed his postgraduate studies (JUDr.,Ph.D.) and became an advocate.

He began his career as an intern at the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) in Paris in 1994, UBS in Geneva in1994, UBS in Hong Kong in 1995 and White & Case in Prague between 1995 and 1997. From 1997 to 2003, he worked as a trainee and later as a qualified lawyer at Allen & Overy in both Prague and London. In 2004, along with Nick Johnson and Eva Nováková, he founded the law firm Johnson & Kramařík, which later changed its name to Johnson Šťastný Kramařík and which has been known as JŠK since 2014. Roman’s experience includes representing numerous clients in acquisitions and financing, restructuring the Czech oil refinery business, financial and operating aircraft leases, and representing multinational clients in litigation and competition matters. Roman has substantial experience in the fields of public infrastructure, PPP, energy, telecommunications and healthcare.

With Roman´s involvement, JŠK co-founded the Association for the Development of Infrastructure (ARI), as well as, a community portal about the new Czech civil law.